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Compassionistas.net is a place where we can find, share and develop resources for nonviolent resistance to unjust powers: resources shaped by faith and tested in community.


My name's Keith Hebden and I am the Seeking Justice adviser for Mansfield Deanery and the author of "Seeking Justice: The Radical Compassion of Jesus". This website is being developed to support those who want to find ways to build a new world in the shell of the old one in their neighbourhoods.


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Another world is possible.








Theology of Liberation - Call for Papers

Theology for Liberation in the UK You are invited to submit a paper for review and publication that explores the interaction of radical politics and Christian faith that takes seriously its British context and looks for actual concrete change for neighbourhoods.  Nothing vague or aspirational: Demonstrably Practical Theology, rooted in neighbourhoods or marginal communities.  Papers... Read More

Enchanted by Absence

A sociologist arrived in Belfast to run a survey on the religious and political beliefs of residents in an area of historic conflict. She was confronted by a man who turned the questioning back on her, wanting to know if she was a Protestant or a Catholic. “I’m an atheist,” replied the sociologist, to which her subject responded, “Sure you’re an atheist, but is it the Protestant or the... Read More